Aotsi Tsinane: Women’s Retreat at Mayantuyacu, Perú with Susana Bustos, Ph.D. August 7th to 20th

Juan FloresFor over ten years I have been accompanying committed men and women into the heart of the Peruvian rainforest to work with Asháninkan healer and teacher Juan Flores Salazar. This year I have felt a deep calling to focus this work just on women and their paths, or aotsi tsinane, in Asháninkan language. That’s the reason I am inviting you to a second iteration of this journey in August 2018.

The work
I met maestro Juan Flores in 2004, when studying Vegetalismo, a traditional medical system that works with plant sentiences to address illness and other imbalances. From breast cancer recovery to restoring back a sense of inner wholeness, I have witnessed the varied range of action of this shamanic oriented tradition. Moreover, through the years, my path as a person, a woman, mom, teacher, and healer have enormously expanded and deepened through the ways Juan holds. And I’d like to share this with you.

The journey
I am inviting a group of 8-10 women to join me in Lima in the second week of August. We’ll leave early next morning to Pucallpa and into Mayantuyacu, Juan Flores’s center. We’ll return to Lima after twelve full days at the center.

Please, note that I will be traveling with my 8 year old daughter, who has always come with our groups in the past. I invite mom’s with children 6 and older to join as well. We will first go through what this entails together, assess whether this is possible in your particular case, and then commit to follow safety guidelines.

For those interested, we would first assess together whether this journey is a good fit for you through one or two personal interviews over Skype or in person. Then, you will receive material to read in preparation for the journey, and we’ll work individually on setting an intention for the work. What I call, “directing the arrow of your prayer.” We will also have one or two Skype conference calls with the whole group once it is established in order to get to know each other and start building the group container.

The general structure of the work is the following:
Individual meeting with the maestro to discuss your health concerns and intention
Plant work: Ceremonial purge(s); medicine work every third day; individual plant diet depending on your health condition (not in isolation)
Processing group work with Susana every other day plus individual consultations as needed
Teaching sessions on Vegetalismo practices with the maestro (1-2 during our stay) and walks in the jungle to identify trees with one of his apprentices
Preparation of remedies with Susana
Swims in the pool or waterfall, natural steam baths by the boiling river, and walks in the jungle ad libitum

There is no daily planning, as activities will depend largely on the energy of the group (this is deep intense work, women!), and there is a rhythm that the center provides as well, in terms of meals and ritual work.

Accommodations at the center depend on availability (other groups or individuals there, besides our group). We will be assigned individual or group accommodations by the center itself, though there is usually flexibility to meet personal needs as well.

Integrating and implementing the insights and experiences gained during the journey in your current life situation is not easy, in my experience. There will be guidelines for integration before we leave the center.

In addition, we’ll do one or two Skype conference calls in order to follow up with this, as well as an individual integration session with me after we arrive.

About the guide

Susana Bustos, Ph.D., works as an integrative counselor, healer, professor, and independent researcher on entheogenic shamanic traditions of the Americas. She works also as a devoted mom for her beautiful daughter for over 8 years. Since 1999, Susana has been studying Vegetalismo with different healers, and was ritually granted to carry the Asháninkan lineage of her maestro Juan Flores in 2012. Susana offers workshops and lectures internationally. She holds an integrative private practice in Berkeley, California.

Contact information
Susana at; (510) 689-7597.

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