One Reply to “Journey to the Heart: 12-Day Amazon Plant Medicine Retreat at Mayantuyacu Dec. 28th to Jan. 9th 2019-2020”

  1. I encourage all those who wish to take a giant step inside themselves to join Robert Tindall on a journey to a magical place called Mayantuyacu.
    This spiritual retreat conceived by Maestro Juan Flores is the ideal place for giant steps, because it holds you in its womb like a fetus being born into worlds unknown.
    The Maestro prepares your body/psyche through a prescribed dieta and tobacco purge that, combined with the presence of a boiling river next to the maloka, indices one to take a plunge into the unfamiliar waters of one’s soul.
    Robert is an important guide on your journey for he has traversed those waters and knows how to stay a float while sharing that knowledge gladly to all who dare to venture.
    Mayantuyacu is not for spiritual tourists, but a place for someone with great intent that will equate to great spiritual growth.

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