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  1. I hadn’t thought of Mayantuyacu much over the last few years, although the month I spent there, a couple weeks overlapping yours, was among the most interesting times of my life. I must be who you referred to above as a “conspiracy theorist,” because I remember the subject of 9/11 and I believe ETs came up in our conversations. I was there at Mayantuyacu for two purposes. One was to conduct an investigation of ayahuasca and other indigenous medicine on cancer. So I brought with me two volunteers, you may recall, a American physician with prostate cancer, and a Canadian school teacher with ovarian cancer. We all drank ayahuasca and other medicines during our time there, and when we returned conventional medicine showed there was indeed a remarkable improvement. Dr. Alan’s PSA went down to its level of five years years prior, and Cheryl, now deceased, showed an astonishing drop in her CA 125. The second reason I was there was to understand the world crisis from the standpoint of Juan Flores’ sort of mestizo, and sort of indigenous shamanism. I was impressed with his personal accounting of how extraterrestrials taught him the art of healing with plants by transporting him to brightly lit space ships where they downloaded icaros and knowledge of plants, and where he conferred with other shamans (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfbV15pC_OQ). While there one morning Juan Flores woke me up early and said the spirits had spoken to him about working with me. My interpreter and I went over to his house and talked for two hours about the state of the world and what we were supposed to do. 9/11 was an inside job, Juan Flores was well aware of this too. The US government, he said was controlled by “demons with powerful weapons they are not afraid to use.” Maestro made his opinion very clear that these bad demons were extraterrestrials. There were good ET’s as well, but the good guys have to be very careful about causing the bad guys to use their deadly weapons. So I smile when I hear you praise this great curandero, and arrogantly, with no reason, scoff at us “conspiracy theorists.” One of my last sessions there taught me to have a much better sense of humor about the predicament we are in. And yes, there was a misunderstanding that sort of marred an otherwise good time. There was a problem communicating with Juan since our interpreter had to be airlifted out, having caught a undiagnosed disease there. When his 105 fever did not abate we carried him to the river and whisked him back to Pucallpa to the hospital, then to LA. Finally he recovered, but it left us without our link to Juan, whose English was only a little better than my Spanish. I still don’t know why he did not return as we thought he would for our last session. That was a sad ending to a beautiful trip. As I was reading your piece, the phone rang, it was my dear friend, interpreter. I had not heard from him for a long time… I reported on the Mayantuyacu trip here, https://vimeo.com/15206169. A long strange trip indeed….

  2. Hi Robert, it’s good to hear from you. I apologize for my description of you as a “conspiracy theorist” — that piece was written a billion years ago by a young writer struggling to paint a portrait of the very mysterious world he was immersed in. Regarding that bungled final ceremony, Juan was distressed as well to lose the opportunity to close the work with your group. What appears to have happened is the Mayantuyacu office called with the correct information about flights but Juan’s son conveyed the message incorrectly. I am heartened as well to hear that your friend, the interpreter, recovered from the sickness that he suffered upon departing from the jungle. Abrazo, Robert

  3. p.s. I just realized I didn’t write the piece in question, Robert! As you can tell, those events all transpired so long ago I’ve even forgotten who wrote what back then! 😉

  4. SO good to read! I also began my psychedelic use around 15 and quit some 3 or 4 years later for a solid 20 years. I also went into highly disciplined physical practices (professional contemporary dance) AND I, also, experience snake visions which I have not known how to interpret. Thanks for sharing your story! It is nice to relate.



  5. Could you please share the insight the Serpent gave you on how to use this snake energy in the body as pertaining to martial practice?

    I’m also practicing martial and have been searching for quite sometimes now to understand more of this so called kundalini serpent energy. Thank you.

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