3 Replies to “Journey to the Heart: 12-Day Amazon Plant Medicine Retreat at Mayantuyacu Dec. 28th to Jan. 9th 2019-2020”

  1. I encourage all those who wish to take a giant step inside themselves to join Robert Tindall on a journey to a magical place called Mayantuyacu.
    This spiritual retreat conceived by Maestro Juan Flores is the ideal place for giant steps, because it holds you in its womb like a fetus being born into worlds unknown.
    The Maestro prepares your body/psyche through a prescribed dieta and tobacco purge that, combined with the presence of a boiling river next to the maloka, indices one to take a plunge into the unfamiliar waters of one’s soul.
    Robert is an important guide on your journey for he has traversed those waters and knows how to stay a float while sharing that knowledge gladly to all who dare to venture.
    Mayantuyacu is not for spiritual tourists, but a place for someone with great intent that will equate to great spiritual growth.

  2. The Mayantuyacu center is not magical!! My son died there in March, 2022 from drinking the tobacco purge. My sons life and soul was taken from me. This center should be closed down, so no other life will be lost!

  3. Dear Ms. Workens, may I express my deepest sympathy to you in your time of grief? When I learned of the tragic death of your son, I was shocked and deeply affected, for him and his family. It was unimaginable to me, and I have been following closely subsequent events. May I say that in my years working in the Amazonian tradition of vegetalismo, where tobacco is used as a purge to cure everything from addiction to parasites in the gut, I have never heard of such an outcome? Compared to medicine in the developed world, where people unnecessarily die (due to mistakes on operating tables, through incorrect prescriptions or dosing, misdiagnoses, etc.) in hospitals daily, the practice of Amazonian medicine is safe. Was there a pre-existing condition he had that couldn’t have been detected? Where there other factors were at play? Of course, I don’t know, but I do want to reach out and let you know that I join you in your grief, as much as I can. Robert Tindall

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