3 Replies to “Ultreya! Pilgrimage upon the Camino to Santiago”

  1. dear susana and robert,

    a pleasure and inspiring tale of pilgrimage.

    i have walked the camino back in 1999, coming the new milennium. many of us pelegrinos have asked ourselves why is it we are doing it, and the aswers varied every day – for the sports, as a purification of the soul, just because we can, for religious reasons, ect.

    yet you, robert, had captured the essence of the voyage, by saying that it “teach(s) the ‘craft’ of dying”. to me, the 40 day walk was a symbolic essence of the life i have yet to live when they end.

    and a word to susana, so nice to see you again – even if it virtualy. the site is beautiful and inspiring. you are most welcome to visit my site, “Eyes Wide Open”, about Psychology, education and society. it is in Hebrew, but Chrome translates it easily 🙂




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